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After over 20 years dog breeder for the dachshunds, Heartfelt Dachshunds is celebrating. We want to share with you some of our photos and HEARTFELT stories that our family has shared with other families through our dachshund family. Please send us your photos and let us share with others the love they have brought to you.

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Dachshund with Family | Heartfelt Dachshunds

My husband and I (and my parents) met you back in August as we came to your house and purchased the two piebald sisters from you. I just wanted to share a picture with you of what they look like now and tell you how much we absolutely adore them! Piper is the black one and Pawley is the red one! Piper was the runt of your litter who has outgrown her sister Pawley. Piper weighs about 9 pounds and Pawley weighs about 6! Love my miniature girls! They are full of love and are definitely lap dogs, we couldn’t be happier!

Amber Edens
Heartfelt Dachshunds

I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks to Lynda and everyone at Heartfelt Dachshunds for allowing us, the Dickinsons, into the Dachshund fraternity. I didn’t know or think that our family needed a pet, dog or otherwise, until little Dutch arrived at the airport in late March 2017. He has brought tremendous joy to our home and warms us each and every day with his unconditional love and affection. No matter how lousy my day has been, and may I say that as a public school teacher, I have had some pretty low ones, when I come through the door at day’s end, Dutch is always there acting like he hasn’t seen me for years. He makes me feel like a super hero, and such a feeling is rejuvenating, bolstering, and, may I add, inspiring.

The Dickinsons
Heartfelt Dachshunds

I cannot believe that we have had Sydney 9 months already. She is the MOST lovable dog that I have ever been exposed to. She and Sadie (our 11 year old) are the best of friends. Sadie sometimes gets cranky when Sydney’s energy level exceeds hers, but for the most part they are inseparable. Sydney has won the hearts of everyone in the family and she has brought many smiles and laughter into our lives. She is my shadow and is rarely more than 10 ft. from wherever I am. I hope you enjoy seeing how adorable she turned out to be. She is a big girl, she weighs in at about 12 1/2 pounds. She has broad shoulders and big paws. When she is with Sadie she makes Sadie look very petite in every way. We get comments wherever we go because most people have not ever seen a piebald.

Joann Brown