I bought a black and tan puppy from you 4 years ago and my friends, the Bickings, bought a brown one at the same time. You flew the two dogs to Philadelphia for me to pick up at the air port.

I wanted to let you know that my 4 year old black and tan whose name is Spencer is 4 today. I have attached a picture of him for you to see. He is a wonderful addition to our family and my 6 1/2 year old and Spencer play and do everything together. They are real buddies. I wanted you know how much we love this little dog, I don’t know what we would do without him.

I have attached a picture of him so you can see how wonderful he looks as well as what a cutie he is. Spencer is the one in the front of the picture. The other one is Oliver which I got locally 6 1/2 years ago. To give you a better idea of who I am, I was the guy whose house had the fire while on vacation four years ago and I thought it might be good for Oliver to have a brother after the trauma of the fire.

Well I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what a delight this little boy has been and how much love he receives from Oliver, Jeffrey, and I and that he is very well cared for.

Marc Udell

Just wanted to share some recent photos of the baby! Since the day we brought him home, he fit right in! He learned the doggy door in 2 days and is doing great with his potty training! He has the best personality and we just adore him. We could not have asked for a better addition to our family. Thank you for staying in contact with my husband while he was overseas. Buddy is the best birthday gift ever and we adore him.

Brittany & Cary Kercheval

Little Lexie has brought us so much happiness. She is just such a little doll! She is smart, funny and full of herself. Fritz is her best friend and they play together so well. She has been spayed and we had a microchip inserted, for safety and peace of mind, in case she ever wanders off, although our yard is fenced and she likes to know I am out there with her, so hopefully, we won’t ever have that worry!! They stay inside most of the time, anyway.

This is Miss Echo – a “red” long-hair miniature and a real sweet dog that has and still is bringing us through many sad and happy family moments. I asked Lynda, 5 years ago, who I had never met, to please help me “find” a small, loving, non-aggressive dachshund pup. I was living at this time in Virginia, and only found her via Internet…and we all know how that can be a little concerning. Well Lynda did find me a pup, and she chose a real winner for us! She was wonderful, talking me through the “history” of dachshunds and the different temperaments, and about caring for the puppy. I could tell quickly this lady KNEW what she was talking about and had a real pride for these pups.

We drove from Virginia to Lynda and picked up pup Echo. Pup was delightful and perfect. Echo was just barely 3 month old, still learning her way in our home, when I got an emergency phone call that my mom had a stroke and was diagnosed with cancer. Not wanting to leave a pup still so young behind, we flew together to Texas (she was in a soft cage under the seat in front of me). Upon arrival, Echo comforted my mom for many months through her ordeal. Her soft so “petable” fur, sweet temperament, quiet and calmness added the “light” that was so deeply needed. The love she gave was as you can expect very comforting. My mom today has recovered from the stroke, in remission from cancer, and is 91 years old! To compound this further, Echo’s job was still not done. My husband took ill with a heart condition. Many a times, Echo would calm him and at the same time with the pressure of “I gotta go OUT” getting him UP to move, do the needed for him the gentle walks, as well as for Echo too! Of course, not to leave myself out, my little girl has also been at my side as I did the care giving, those nervous moments we can all recognize when dealing with an ill loved one.

So please say a cheer to Echo! She has worked very hard in this family. We love her dearly. Thank you to Carters Dachshunds–and to Lynda, for bringing us such a sweet and wonderful dog to our lives. Woof!!

I purchased a male English Cream Long Haired Doxie from you not quite a year ago. We named him ‘Saffron’ but we call him Ronnie or Ron Ron. He is absolutely adorable. OMG, his face is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and his personality is equally adorable. Seriously. He’s spunky and happy and healthy. I just wanted to let you know how much we’ve enjoyed him. We have our piebald girl, Cinnamon, (the white spotted dog) and wanted a friend for her. She is calm, nurturing and affectionate – so we thought she needed a companion. We bought a puppy from another breeder but our vet told us to return her because she wasn’t healthy. Having to let go of a pup broke my daughters’ hearts. However, our vet flipped! over Saffron. She thought he was perfection (I think so too – ha ha). My boyfriend loves him so much that he keeps him several days a week. This pup has brought happiness to everyone in his life. We are so grateful for him. As his 6/15/16 (1st birthday) arrives, I reflect on how much we love him and how our lives wouldn’t be the same without him in it. I think about how much Cinnamon loves him and treats him like she’s his Mommy. Thanks so much for being such a responsible breeder. You are building so many happy families. You have a ministry of sorts. When you are elbow deep in ‘yuck’, know how much your efforts mean to others and smile.

Amy Kushner

This is our beautiful Sophia who is now 3 years old. Little did we know that our 2 pound little puppy would mature into such a beautiful Dachshund. Mrs. Carter was right when she told me she was a beauty. Her temperament is as beautiful as she is in this picture!


I’m still getting settled in my new home, with my new beautiful puppy, “Henry Waddlewurst Longfellow” (“Longfellow”, for short). The puppies (my daughter Rebekah’s short hair red pup born 4-9-16 is named “Snicklefritz”) got a clean bill of health at the vet a couple of weeks ago and they are going back tomorrow for their Lyme vaccine. The vet said they were “perfect and beautiful puppies,” which, of course, we already knew! I just want to let you know just how much these two wonderful doxies have brightened our lives. We are TOTALLY in love!!! They are adjusted and doing so well! Together, they are “TROUBLE,” but so much fun, and, most of all, so loved! Thank you so much for these precious little furry souls!

Susan Friedman

Last year, I was devastated with the loss of my pet, precious, (a dachshund) who I loved and took care of for 14 years. She passed away last Easter. I was heartbroken. She is missed tremendously. For a few weeks, I felt helpless, with no one to take care of or spend time with. I still had a lot of love to give, so I started to search the internet. I loved the dachshund breed and I was determined to find another dachshund because I had a lot of love to give. I first came across a website with a really sweet little dachshund, but thanks to the quick check from my daughter in law, I found out that they were scammers. I was saddened again... but was not going to give up.

Still searching, I came across Carter's doxies and I gave Lynda a call. That phone call changed my life. Just speaking with Lynda, I knew she was a very nice, kind, loving and understanding woman. I felt the warmth of her kindness. I saw a picture of Petunia and fell in love. I knew Petunia was meant for me. A few weeks later, Lynda arranged for Petunia to be sent to me to New Jersey. My husband and I picked her up at the airport. When we first saw her, she was hesitant getting out of the crate. But when she finally came out, she walked in the grass by the airport, then she starting running around wagging her tail. I knew she would be happy, and when we were getting ready to walk to the car to go home, she licked me on the cheek. I knew she was going to love me.

It didn’t take long for Petunia to fit into my family. Everyone showered her with lots and lots of love. Petunia goes to a vet close to my house and everyone there loves her too. Having Petunia in my life is a true blessing. She brightens every aspect of my day. When I come home from work, Petunia greets me with loads and loads of kisses and I greet her just the same. Lynda, you and I will always be family, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for my beautiful baby Petunia. I love her so very much.

I just wanted to say thank you for my happy, healthy puppy. She is the highlight of my day and never ceases to amuse me. It’s hard to believe that she’s going to be 8 months old soon!S he has really grown into her length and gets prettier by the day. She gets compliments from everyone we meet on our walks and has quite a few “boyfriends.” I have attached a couple pictures of her for you to see. I hope you and your family are well.

Alicia Brown & Mina